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Saturday, October 30, 2010

From Boredom to Whoredom Part 2



  1. Hi, I'm Thomas.
    May I submit a request for a cap? I am a white husband with a 4-inches penis, and I cannot satisfy my wife Elena (she is Italian) in bed.
    Sometimes while we have sex (seldom) she gets bored and asks me to go to the bathroom to jerk off. Sometimes my penis gets soft inside her, and she looks at me in despair: "Thomas, what's happening to you?". I am almost sure she naver had an orgasm with me.
    Elena is an attractive milky-skinned blonde. Years ago a black pedlar told her: "a wonderful white woman like you needs a black man like me". She did not reply, but smiled. I was there, and did not react. Once, two Arabs told her she looks like Shakira, and they were looking at her ass. She smiled and said thanks. Starting from these facts, I have started to dream of my wife giving herself to black man, and every day I jerk off thinking of it.
    Could you please make one or more caps based on what I have said above here? I like your long-text caps. Thank you very much.

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