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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Training Day

After a long absence....I return! Let me know what you think of this. It's been a while since I have made a caption like this, so some feedback is appreciated. Hopefully I haven't lost my touch?


Monday, May 13, 2013

The Ring; Chapter 1

The Ring

Chapter 1

‘This can’t be too bad, can it?’ Amy asked herself. She knew there could be consequences, but the consequences seemed so small compared to the possibilities! Unlimited wishes, so long as Amy kept the ring on. And even more wishes if she put it back on! Ant felt a flutter in her stomach; a sickly excitement that made her feel feverish and giddy all at once. Anxious to try this out, she walked out the door if the small shop, and toward her car.

Amy had read stories on the Internet about wish-granting rings and amulets, and they all seemed to come from some tiny, dimly lit store on an alley. But for her, it seemed reality was close to this description. She had entered the shop on a dare from her sorority sisters. The small storefront faced an old intersection; the two streets once a major thoroughfare, now simply a crossing of the current and the past. Windows on this store served mostly to display the neon signs advertising ‘XXX movies’ and 'GIRLS.' It looked dirty and very unladylike to be seen near there, let alone in the shop! But a dare is a dare, so Amy went in. Amidst the rows of magazines, DVDs, sex toys and aides, and other trinkets, a small case of sexual jewelry had contained the only thing Amy might purchase. One ring to grant them all; all of the wishes Amy might ever want. Her find was priceless! Well really it cost $20, but that seemed a small price for unlimited wishes.

Amy stepped into her car, the four other girls all giggling as she slid into the driver's seat. "So what'd ya git?" one asked. Tara, a North Carolina backwoods girl from the mountains had such a horrible vocabulary. But her drawl made the boys in New York squirm, even though she was hard to understand. "Oh, just a wishing ring." Amy replied. She smiled ear to ear, her drawl equal to Tara's. Amy grew up on the other side of the mountains in Tennessee. Tara laughed, and the others burst out too. "You know it ain't real, right hon? Aren't no wishes really gonna come true from some trinket ring!" Tara's statement made Amy sting. She wanted it to be real, but knew it probably wasn't. But more disturbing was Tara's speech. She was hopelessly inflicted with an Appalachian dialect that only got worse when she was mad or excited. And clearly Tara was excited about the opportunity to tease Amy and her hope for a heap of wishes. Amy started her Toyota Camry and put it in reverse, heading back toward the sorority house. “Yeah I know.” She replied, staring off as they drove back.

Amy turned the car into the driveway, pointing the car off to the side as she parked. She knew the other girls might want to leave before her, so she made room for them to pass by. It was getting late; nearly 11:30 at night, and on a Wednesday too. Tara, Ava, Lucy, and Jen all slipped out of the car. They were a rather diverse group for a small Tennessee college town, Ava was a Puerto Rican woman; tall and thin with long legs and soft brown skin. Lucy was clearly Asian; short with a distinctive Asian face and long black hair. Jen was a local; medium height and average looks, but unique in that she had all her teeth. Tara fit in well too; her hometown in North Carolina was only a few miles away. Amy was also familiar with the area, though originally from West Virginia. The five were finishing their senior year working internships with the local community college, and wouldn’t stay in town long. The lights if the big University beckoned and they hoped to return shortly. For now though, they rented apartments around the small town.

For the night, the five had met to discuss their group project over dinner. They went to the local pizza shop, and then on a dare to the run-down adult store. And now, upon returning home, the group was destined to split for the night. But not before a few last drinks… “You still have that bottle of apple lightning Jen?” Ava asked, referring to some locally obtained apple moonshine. It was strong enough to make you drunk in seconds, or peel the paint off your car in seconds; whichever you wanted. Tonight Ava hoped for the former; a relief from the stresses of their project. Jen nodded, walking into the house and turning on the light. The rural house Jen and Amy shared was very remote, so they never locked the door. All five went inside, grabbing small glasses as Jen grabbed the plastic water bottle her ‘shine’ was hidden in. Jen returned, pouring each woman a glassful of the sweet yet fiery liquid.

Ava took a quick sip, her face wrinkling as the liquid seared her throat. She gasped, laughing in near-pain as the apple flavor warmed her within. The others followed shortly after, each with a similar reaction. Everyone except Tara, who seemed immune to the liquid fire she was drinking.

As the girls talked about home, Amy pulled out the small pouch her ring was in. She opened the pouch, dropping it into her hand. She listened passively as Ava talked about Florida and hurricanes each fall. Lucy talked about being an Asian woman in Nebraska, and how the boys thought she was some kind of amusing toy or pet. Clearly Lucy was not into that kind of treatment. Tara and Jen mused about the hill folk, and how they competed against each other in soccer during high school. Amy was preoccupied with her ring, but as her turn came up, she slipped the ring on and tried not to act like the ring existed.

“I grew up in coal country, in southern West Virginia. “I’m a true Coal Miner’s Daughter.” She proudly stated, quoting the song and acting as if this was a badge of royal distinction where she was from. All laughed, even Amy as she took another sip. The other four began chatting about their hometowns again, but Amy hung back. She stared at the ring, her hand feeling tingly and odd. Amused, Amy stood up and slugged her drink back. “I’m heading to bed…see you all tomorrow?” Amy asked. Tomorrow was Saturday, but they needed to work on their project. All nodded yes begrudgingly, except Tara. “You just wanna play with that dumb ring…” Everyone looked at Amy’s hand to see her wearing the ‘wishing ring,’ and all smirked as Amy blushed. “Maybe…” Amy replied curtly, pretending to act snobbish as she walked off toward the stairs. “G’night…” she called walking slowly up to her room. As she closed her door, Amy could still hear the others chatting and laughing, having a good time.

Amy quickly slipped onto her bed, staring in the dim light at her ring. She pulled out the pouch again, removing the small note within the pouch. ‘Simply wear the ring and make a wish, your desires will come true. But be careful where your wishes lead, going back is hard to do.’ Amy grinned, the strange poetry amused her. She looked back at the ring, thinking what to try first.

The effects of the apple brandy moonshine were slowly creeping over Amy. Alcohol had a clear effect on her; it made her aroused and slightly slutty. She knew this, and was careful not to drink much at all in public. However the privacy of her bedroom was always her place to cut loose! So Amy settled on something strange for her first wish. She reached into her purse, hanging on the end of her bed, and pulled out a pen. Amy held the pen in the palm of her hand, staring at it intently. “I wish this pen would become a big pink vibrator.” Amy watched, and nothing happened. And then suddenly she felt like she had been shocked…

Slowly the pen turned neon pink, the shape shimmering and melding into a smooth phallus. A black end appeared with a rotating control knob, the end knob slightly wider than the pink base of the toy. And then it grew…longer and thicker, becoming heavy in Amy’s hand. It stretched out to 9” long and nearly 1.5” across, the tip coming to a rounded point. Amy gasped, dropping the toy on her bed. She shook with fright as the toy took shape, having difficulty believing what she saw. Amy whimpered, a strange grin on her face. She picked up the toy again, turning the knob. It buzzed to life, shaking delightfully in her hand. “Oh hell yeah…” Amy growled to herself, sliding her shorts and panties off. She slid the toy between her thin damp labia, dragging the buzzing tip across her clit. Amy’s legs twitched and trembled slightly, and she bit her lip. She tried not to make a sound as she slipped the toy between her folds, gently teasing deeper and deeper.

Within seconds, Amy was nearing an orgasm. She never had luck achieving orgasm with any guy she’d met, yet by herself things always were easy and felt amazing. But this was better than normal. Amy began to whimper, and was barely able to keep quiet. She forgot about the ring, and its powers. “Oh fuck yeah…” she whimpered softly to herself, sliding the toy in and out rhythmically. “Oh fuck…I wish I’d gush so hard when I cum…” Amy wished idly, imagining what that would feel like without thinking about her ring. The alcohol had the better of her desires, and her arousal had stolen her reasoning. Without any restraint, another wish was cast. But this one didn’t cause the same electric shock. Instead, it just quietly took effect.

Amy began to feel dizzy with lust, her insides twisting as she neared an amazing orgasm. She squirmed atop, her legs splayed apart and knees bent upward as she began to tremble. Amy’s thighs shook and she gasped as her body unexpectedly tensed. Suddenly her back arched up, her legs shaking and eyes wide open as the room seemed to explode with multi-colored light pixels. Amy felt something gush over her bare asshole, but didn’t notice what it was at first. It wasn’t until a second later when her next rhythmic orgasmic spasm that it dawned on her. The sensation came again, this time accompanied by a very wet squishing / splurting sound. The sensation was her own juices; her own female ejaculate. As the third spasm wrenched her tight pussy throughout, the squirting sound was even louder and longer, accompanied by a splashing sound near her dresser. This happened 5 more times, each stronger than the last, until finally it felt only like the remaining orgasmic waves created a trickle down along her ass and onto the bed. And then the world went blank….

When Amy rolled over, the clock on her dresser read 5:30am. She startled, unnerved that somehow she passed out while masturbating, and woke up 5 hours later. And the bed felt wet…. Amy slipped off of the bed, still bottomless but with a long AC/DC t-shirt on. Amy stepped onto the floor, nearly slipping in a puddle of very slippery liquid. She could see in the early pre-dawn light a stain on the far wall too. It looked huge, splattered and run down most of that wall. Amy blushed, shocked at what had happened. She tossed the covers back, finding her new toy resting mid-way down the bed. Quickly she got up, taking bed sheets and blankets to the washer in the basement, hoping not to be seen.

While she washed her linens, Amy began to look at her ring. She noticed the shine on the old ring was somehow improved, as if contact made it gain luster. Amy grinned, knowing the ring really had powers. The possibilities it contained! Just think how much of a surprise she could give Tara later in the day. ‘But why wait?’ Amy thought to herself, changing linens from the washer to the drier. Amy remembered Tara’s boyfriend Jimmy was visiting, and knew they’d be asleep together right now. Amy looked at her ring, a large smirk on her face.

A few nights before, the girls had all been talking about boys. Current attractions, old flings, things the liked, etc. Tara mentioned that her boyfriend Jimmy was a great guy, but a little on the ‘small’ end. Tara had seemed irritated by this, and received a ribbing from her friends. Tara told them Jimmy was “only 6 inches!” And the girls knew this was normal, even if Tara felt it small. So for a night, Tara was teasingly called the size queen. She hated the stigma, even if there might have been truth in it. And now Amy would prove it was true. Amy looked at her ring, still grinning as she recalled the conversation. And then she took action.

‘I wish Tara’s boyfriend Jimmy would have a 14” cock and a pair of balls as big as softballs!’ Amy smirked, a slight tingle coming from the ring. She knew it worked, but would have to hear about it later. For now she snuggled up on the living room couch, falling back asleep for another hour while her things went through the drier.

An hour later, and a few miles down the valley, the neighbors all awoke to a shrill scream as Jimmy woke Tara up with his much larger cock. The scream echoed about the valley, followed by moans and cries of bliss. Within 5 minutes the neighbors were all awake, Tara was flooded with an enormous load of thick cum, and both Jimmy and Tara were sore to boot.

By mid-morning the women all met up at a restaurant for some brunch. Tara came in last, sitting gently on the seat with a strange smirk on her face. No one noticed except Amy, who nearly laughed as the Size Queen took her throne in the diner. All ordered coffee and some food. Except Lucy. She ordered coffee, and stared off half-dazed. “What’s wrong Lucy?” Ava asked, taking a bite of a bagel. Lucy barely looked over, her eyes a bit hazy and red. “Oh um…I’m just a tiny little woman and I had more of that apple shit last night than all of you. I‘m totally hung over…” she said quietly, moving very carefully as she sipped her coffee. The bunch snickered, amused by Lucy’s troubles. Lucy scowled over her coffee cup, her cute face looking more amusing than frightening when she was mad. Amy felt slightly bad for her, and looked up from her grits and toast. “I know how you feel…well from prior experience. It sucks; I feel for you! If it helps I wish you’d never get hung over again…” Amy suddenly jumped, the ring giving her a very slight zing. She looked up, watching Lucy pep up almost instantly. No one else seemed to notice, not even Lucy. But Amy’s cheeks blushed a deep red as she realized she needed to be more careful about making wishes!

The day wore on, the group going into the college to work on their group project. All were focused and productive, even if Tara was slow to sit and careful when bending over. Amy still giggled to herself about Tara and her retrofitted boyfriend. She wondered what Jimmy thought, waking up hung like a mule. ‘I’m sure he liked it!’ Amy mused to herself.

Speaking of liking it, Amy suddenly remembered how amazing her new vibrator had been the night before. She wondered if the others had ever used toys, or if she was somehow a perv for using them. She suddenly stood up with a very serious look on her face. “Do you ever use, um….toys? I mean like…well you know!’ Amy blushed, realizing everyone had stopped what they were doing to stare at her. And her timing couldn’t have been better. Amy had stood up to ask her question just as Lucy had asked her to practice giving her part of the demonstration. All of the girls sat in stunned silence, none sure if Amy really intended to ask the audience about their sex toy use. This was a project on rural health and educational development, but sex might be taking things one step too far.

Finally, Jen spoke. “Um, yeah listen. I really don’t think asking a bunch of middle-aged doctoral adjudicators about their sexual activity is a good idea. Did you put any thought into what we are doing here?” Amy sat back down, smiling and giggling a little. “No no! Listen…I’m not asking in my speech, I’m asking if y’all ever use them. I just….I just wanna make sure I’m not some pervert or something for thinking about it…” Amy looked around the group, hoping for validation or support from her friends. They all looked around, down at the floor, or shuffled papers. And then Ava broke out laughing.

“Amy you seriously just started thinking about this stuff? You’re what, like 24 years old? Oh sweetie you’re not a perv! Behind the curve a little, but not a slut or something.” Jen couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. She nearly fell out of her chair laughing, but slowly regained control. Tara and Lucy followed suit, laughing and giggling uncontrollably. Slowly the group began to quiet down, but Amy was scowling at them all. “What asshats you guys are! I’m serious. I just wanted to make sure I’m not weird or somethin’.” Amy turned to Ava, serious in her expression. “So you have used them before?” Amy asked softly, intent on learning more. Teasingly, Lucy looked over at Ava and said, “Yeah, Ava, tell us about what you like to do with sex toys?”

Ava blushed slightly, shooting Lucy a dark look of irritation. She turned toward her housemate, and pointed her finger. “You know, for a girl with a box of freaky fucked-up toys, you shouldn’t talk. Okay, Chica?” Ava turned to the group, her face bright with vengeance. “Yeah Amy I use toys…but normal stuff like a vibrator. Miss Asian freak-fest over here has the world’s largest collection of beads and plugs and mega-dongs in the State of Tennessee!” Lucy scowled at Ava, her eyes wide with angst. “Yeah like you didn’t admit to being an ‘anal queen’ last week!”

Tara, Jen, and Amy all blushed, their mouths agape as the two other women fought over who was the bigger toy slut. Amy felt horrible, as she figured her question had started this argument. But in the back of her mind, the discussion made Amy slightly aroused. She tried not to smirk as she imagined what the two must enjoy most. As they argued about whom like anal more, Amy had a devious idea. ‘I wish both Ava and Lucy would suddenly have their favorite butt-plug inside them.’ She silently wished, waiting to see what would happen. Suddenly the heated yelling of both women became short bursts of words, followed by gasps and quick pants. They both ground their asses into their chairs, a look of horrified excitement in their eyes. Soon they weren’t even speaking words, but instead grunting and groaning as they gyrated against their seats. Tara and Jen watched in shock, both unable to understand what was going on.

After a few minutes, Ava’s head flew back, a series of short shrill moans escaping her lips as she tensed and panted, groaning and jerking as an orgasm raked over her. Lucy clenched her jaw, her eyes wide as a tear ran off her cheek. She shook all over, her hands grabbing the edge of the table for dear life. Tara and Jen giggled softly, unsure why but recognizing both Ava and Lucy had just gotten off. And it was obviously very good.


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